Scholarship Application

Application deadline is April 1st.

In addition to completing the online application below, please also email the following documents to

  1. Copy of applicant’s high school transcript;
  2. A letter of recommendation from an adult who is not a relative describing the applicant’s character in regard to truthfulness, conscientiousness, and ability to accept responsibility (Sooner alumni letters optional);
  3. A Personal Narrative by the applicant discussing the applicant’s future plans, hopes and ambitions. The Personal Narrative should be 200-400 words.


Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Home Phone
OU ID# Number
Parent/Guardian Full Name
I have applied to OU
I have been admitted to OU
I have applied for financial aid
I have been awarded financial aid or another scholarship(s)
If yes to above, enter award amount $
Student Designation
Name of Current High School or College
ACT Composite (if current H.S. Student)
Grade Point Average (GPA)
Grade Scale (if other than 4.0)
High School Class Rank
High School Class Size
Planned or Current College Major
Total College Hours Completed
Graduation Date
Personal Achievements ?
Please tell us about your goals, interests, hobbies, concerns and expectations for the future.
Honors and Activities ?
Please list honors received in high school/college, extracurricular activities, any community service, and all elected offices you have held and the corresponding dates of service.
Financial Need ?
Need is not the only factor in awarding this scholarship. However, may be considered in weighing the merits of applications of similar qualifications. If you wish to have need considered as part of your application, please be as specific as possible in your explanation

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